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15 Mar 2020
Essential Garden and Landscaping Tips

Basic Planting Tips for your Garden

Your garden is your prized possession and you want it to outshine any other in the neighborhood. Hence, your landscaper needs to get all the essentials right. One important aspect to consider in this context is planting rightly in your garden. There is much more to planting than just digging a sapling into the soil. Planting a tree is a process which once begun from a small plant continues onward till it reaches taller heights and still goes on. Following are some basic planting tips for your garden:

Preparing the Soil

It all starts from digging a hole into the soil to hold the roots of the tree. The hole should be broad enough to allow the roots to spread in the future times to come. The soil should be cleared of grass in three feet area of diameter.

Test the soil to decide whether it is compacted or clay type and choose plants best suited to that type. Hardy plants grow well in soils with poor drainage or those having clay content. You can add gypsum to your dug hole for tackling poor drainage issue.

Your gardener can otherwise change the clay soil into an almost workable soil by composting it. The other option is to get better soil from elsewhere and make a wide mound of earth to plant your tree into. Clayed soil should be reworked a little earlier to your planting date. The surface of your hole should then be roughly evened around the sides.

Basic Steps to Planting

Remove the tree from its container: Remove the tree from its wrapping carefully without causing harm to the root ball.

Confirm the hole?s depth requirements: The tree should be set into the hole in such a way that root flare lies at the soil level. Avoid planting the tree deep down into the hole as that will shorten its life.

Put the tree into the hole: The roots of the tree should be easily spread out within the hole. Any damaged, encircled roots need to be cut off.

Place dirt around: Cover the hole with dirt and stomp it to make a firm surface. Compost the surface soil in and around the young tree and avoid adding fertilizer or peat moss to it immediately.

Watering requirements: Water the tree immediately after planting in case the soil is dry and also for ensuring its final settling. This is essential for the tree to survive.

Add mulch: Mulch the soil surface around the young tree for about four inches deep. This allows the nutrients to be released gradually and thus thwart competition. But, ensure that the mulch does not touch the tree trunk.

Staking only if necessary: The normal circumstances for the roots and trunk to grow strong is through natural flexing. Staking can be done for the first year when the roots are on their way to getting strong and firm. However, ensure that the ties are not tight so as to prevent movement and damage to the trunk.

Build dirt dam: Form a round shaped dam of dirt around the external edge of the planting area so that water gets retained in the basin formation. It is essential to water your trees in the first couple of years and in the course of a drought.

Post Planting Care

Your garden care does not get over just by planting trees and watering them in the initial years. You need to look after their health just like humans; pamper them with mulch, manure and fertilizer when the need arises and you will see them grow tall and beautiful.

08 Mar 2020
increase property value with landscaping

Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Property Value?

First impressions make for lasting impressions and hence, a beautifully landscaped home can add tons of value to your property. A buyer who visits your home for the first time will not fail to be impressed by its curb appeal and the efforts taken by you to care for your home.

Planning a landscape

Several reports and analysis have proved that a home with a well-planned landscape scores a major price advantage over a home without one.? The home?s exteriors not only need to be clean and maintained but at the same time be warm and inviting to the visitors.

However, landscaping is not restricted to planting some shrubs randomly on your grounds; landscaping is a science and an art and it is only a manicured design that holds the attention of the buyer. There are several factors that go into planning a beautiful landscape and it is the overall impact of all these factors taken together that hikes the property value.

Landscape that adds value

The front yard generates curb appeal and the backyard offers functional value in a landscaped home. The front yard helps the landscape gardener to showcase his creativity and hence, more emphasis is placed on the aesthetics during its landscaping. So what are the factors to be considered to make the front yard a big draw to the visitor?

Front Yard Landscaping Tips:

The first aspect that comes into this process is to have a specific vision for your front yard; what needs to be included and in how much amounts. The yard that you plan needs to have some method amidst all the planting. You can start off by paying attention to the following details:

Give an edge to your lawn: This helps to give a neat and easy-to-maintain look to the yard. You can either create a physical edge through a steel, timber or brick fence or separate the lawn and the path neatly with the aid of a sharp spade.

Create partial sound and visual barriers: You can use plants to create partial visual and sound barriers against nosy neighbors or busy roads. The sense of privacy lent by this use of plants heightens the buyer?s impression of your house considerably.

Use plant species wisely: Go for plant diversity without going overboard. You want your yard to have a uniform look that will also be easy to maintain.?

Shimmer with lush lawn: Shimmer the yard with a lush green lawn. You can try cost effective options for laying new lawns if you have large areas to cover.

Add splashes of color: You can plant vibrant flowering annuals to uplift the look of your garden area and also add beautiful planters to the entrance of your home.

Prune with restraint: Pruning helps to give the home a neat and cared for look; however, do not go overboard here too.?

?Backyard Landscaping Tips:

Though the landscaping of the backyard is distinct from the front yard it has to be given equal amount of attention. Following are some factors that assume importance here:

Trees to be planted: The trees for your backyard will depend upon the climate zone your area falls into. Your landscape gardener will know which trees work out best for your climate zone.?

Pool or entertaining space: You have to decide between the two options depending upon the climate of your area and the amount of entertaining you shall be doing. Plan accordingly.

On a Concluding Note

All said and done, the time and money invested in your landscaping will not go in vain. It will definitely help buyers realize that indeed your home is a worth buying package.?

30 Dec 2019

10 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Design Company

Most people undermine the need of a professional landscaping design company for beautification of their outdoor spaces. Using a professional landscaping service not only ensures optimal space utility and beautification, but also enhances your property value greatly. Here are 10 reasons to convince you why hiring a landscape design company will work in your favour.

Garden Watering Systems
Garden Watering Systems. Garden Technician Testing Watering Sprinkler System in the Residential Garden.


  1. They will add to the value of your home:? When you hire a landscape architect, you make a solid investment to increase the value of your home. A landscape architect is equipped with skill and experience to design an outdoor space in the most elegant way. This can increase value of your home as much as 15% almost instantly.?
  2. Make optimal use of your space: Professional landscapers can help you? optimise your space and enjoy nature to the fullest with their professional designing.?
  3. They work with a plan: One of the big advantages of hiring a landscaping company is the trained architects have a plan to start with. They evaluate the problems of your property, your choice and last but not the least, your budget. They create a customized plan to address the issues and what fits your exact needs and budget. They will help you choose the right materials, textures, colours and styles for your landscape designing. A landscape designer will deal with the details and save you stress and time.
  4. They can create low-maintenance gardens: Decorating your garden with native plants is the best idea to create a landscape that requires little maintenance. Native plants don?t need regular watering and chemical applications, thereby reducing cost and effort of maintenance.
  5. They can make plans to reduce your power bills: The landscape architects place plants in such places that you end up saving on power bills. Proper placement of large shrubs and trees reduces both cooling and heating costs.?
  6. They can design natural swimming pool: An artificially created natural pool resembles a natural pond. It also requires low maintenance and use of no harsh chemicals. A landscape company works closely with its clients to create an all-natural beautiful backyard pool.?
  7. They can plan the perfect irrigation system: Drip irrigation water plants are considered a better alternative to sprinkler systems. An incorrectly built irrigation system will add to monthly water bills and also kill new plants. Over-watering is not a negligible issue and that can be avoided by engaging a reputed company for your landscape designing.?
  8. They work efficiently throughout the project: A company having reputation and experience in the field of landscape designing will engage itself from start to finish. They will make a plan, execute the same and also take responsibility for follow-through.?
  9. They include permeable paving: Permeable paving is an excellent solution to add beauty to sidewalks and patios, while cutting on encouraging groundwater recharge.?
  10. They will work up to your expectation: The landscape company will create a beautiful garden that you will find fascinating.??

So go ahead and use professional landscaping services to have a beautiful garden and enhance your property value!

28 Dec 2019

Ten Important Factors to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design

Your landscape design can become attractive, cohesive and flourish only if a lot of thought and planning goes into it. Certain plants look colourful and appealing at the nursery but they may not always suit your landscape. Consideration of the following factors will help you develop an envious landscape design.

1.Be Well-Informed about Yard Details

Details of several aspects of your yard such as its microclimate, topography and type of soil should be known to you. For example, the duration of direct sunlight or shade received by varied areas of the yard; how much of it is deep shade, part shade, part sun or full sun? What is the constitution of the soil, does any part of the yard get flooded or does some part get no rain water because of being under widespread trees and so on has to be known as they largely determine the success of your landscaping Melbourne design.

2. Be Aware of the Use

Be very clear on how you will be using your yard. Whether it will be for entertaining guests or whether it will be frequented by kids or pets. You can accordingly landscape separate areas for each category and design walkways that will cohesively connect all of them. 

3. Decide Your Maintenance Budget

Decide on who would be doing the maintenance work of your yard. Whether you can allot sufficient time to doing it, whether you know how to go about it and if not would you get it done from a professional gardener and how much budget you can set aside are some of the questions to be answered beforehand.

4. Let there be Cohesiveness   

Your landscaping Melbourne design should contain an overall cohesiveness though you may create unique and different spaces within it. For example, you may have an outdoor area for entertaining and also have separate space for relaxing and yet another area that will be visually soothing but all these should be connected in an intelligent fashion.

5. Blend with the Home?s Architectural Style

Your yard?s landscape design should go well with the design style of your home. Decide upon a particular theme that blends perfectly and choose your plants accordingly.

6. Wise selection of Plants

Decide what you want from your plants, whether you want a fruit and vegetable garden or aromatic plants to create a soothing ambience or just a riot of colours. Plants can also be used to create excellent barriers; choose them accordingly.

7. Give a thought to Small Details

Give a thought to how the varied textures, colours, forms and sizes of plants will match and balance one other. Do consider the aromas of plants, their blossoming season and how they can enhance the overall effect of the landscape design.

8. Think Long-term

Make your plant selection after considering their growth rate and its final size. Ensure that there is sufficient room for them to grow to their eventual size keeping your landscape?s distinct conditions in mind.

9. Highlight Vital Points

If you want your landscape to be a crowd puller then think about unique plants, plant containers and other garden ornamental’s.

10. Resource Management

Choose resource-efficient or native plants as lesser quantities of water, pesticides and fertilizers are required for them. Removal of plants has to be done after their chances of relocating are totally eliminated. Use eco-friendly hardscapes for your landscaping Melbourne design.

20 Dec 2019

Easy Management Practices for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn

Everyone enjoys the neat and clean look of their garden. Lawns add to the value of one?s property with its aesthetic appeal. It ensures cool and fresh air as well as lessens soil erosion. Moreover, a healthy and pretty lawn actively traps and filters pollutants and sediments that can contaminate surface and/or groundwater.


So, how will you take care of your lawn? Here are some easy and effective tips to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Proper Fertilization?

Regular and proper application of fertilizers will allow your lawn to prevent weed invasion. Applying fertilizer at the wrong time or overusing it can ruin your lawn. Improper use of fertilizers or wrong fertilizes will contribute to pollution. Therefore, it?s important to pay attention to amount of fertilizers and timing of its use.

Fertilizer Components

Fertilizers are made of three components ? nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. However, they also comprise a variety of other elements as well. You should first know the type of your soil before buying any fertilizer. Fertilizers having slow-release nitrogen does not burn turf and therefore, are ideal for both your lawn and environment.?

Products containing low or no phosphorous are easily available; that is good news for the homeowners. If you are buying such a product, you don?t have to spend on other additions. You can also call for lawn care services to know details about fertilizer choice and use.


Make sure to use fertilizer responsibly. When applying fertilizer near water, create a buffer zone by leaving a 10-inch strip around the same. The unfertilized strip will safeguard the water bod from nutrient runoff or leaching from the fertilized grass.

Keep fertilizers away from paved surfaces. Unabsorbed fertilizer can easily be drained out into water bodies. Use a spreader having a deflector shield to prevent such drainage. The shield will sprinkle the fertilizer in a 180-degree arc, restricting it to the grass and keeping it off the pavement.

Good Timing

Depending on where you live, you can apply fertilizer round the year or only during summer, spring and fall. Avoid fertilization in winter months as lawns during the season go dormant. Wait until the mercury goes up before using fertilizing in the spring.?


If you have unused fertilizer, store it in a dry place. Never store it next to chemicals or gasoline, otherwise, these are likely to contaminate your fertilizers and make their way to the turf.?


Lawn mowing is one of the best practices for proper maintenance of your lawn. Create a regular mowing schedule in summer in order to ensure maximum health of your lawn. Don?t remove more than 1/3 of any leaf blade. Scalping can damage your lawn and leave it prone to drought, disease, weed or insect invasion.?

Never use a dull mower as it will tear leaf blades and cause stress to the grass, thereby making it more prone to disease and pests. Never do mowing when the grass is wet, otherwise, it will not allow the mower blades to perform the cleanest cut possible.

Proper Irrigation

Lawn is damaged by over-watering than other cultural practices. It reduces the ability of your lawn to withstand stress. Maintaining your lawn is not very tough, you just have to follow some simple tips and techniques in order to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn.?

These simple and viable tips will help you manage your lawn and keep it beautiful all year through!

16 Dec 2019

8 Best principles You Should Follow When Designing a Landscape for a Residential Garden

Every home owner in Melbourne wants to have a stunning landscape design for his garden. And he would be surprised to know that there are certain landscape principles adopted by every Melbourne landscape architect to ensure his objective is achieved. Given below are 8 best principles that need to be followed:


1. Incorporate the ?Law of Significant Enclosure?


This law states that the feeling of being enclosed in a space can be achieved if the vertical length of the space is not less than one-third length of the available horizontal space. The law becomes relevant in this context as the true essence of having a garden is to feel enclosed within the lap of nature and refresh oneself from what it has to offer. So, application of this law is an absolute must.


2. Go by the ?Regulating Line?


Besides the creative process, the Melbourne landscape architect follows some geometrical concepts as well. The concept of ?regulating line? states that you can draw an illusory line between the architecture component and landscaping feature. This helps to bring the element of cohesiveness and unity within the garden.


3. Base your Proportions on the Golden Rectangle Ratio?


A good landscape design includes some math calculations too, like the Golden Rectangle Ratio. The concept states that, in a rectangle the ratio of the short side to the lengthier one is equivalent to the ratio of the long side to the total of the two sides. This proportion is useful when you have to lay out patios, terraces, lawns, arbors etc. and can be numerically stated to be around 1:1.6?


4. Apply Thomas D. Church?s Rule for Designing Steps


Thomas D. Church?s rule for designing steps states that the sum of the tread and the doubled height of the riser should be equivalent to 26 inches. So if the riser (vertical part of the step) is about 6 inches then the tread has to be 14 inches. Applying this rule will surely enable you to make your step designing, the focal point of all visitors.


5. Begin from Big Plants


The order for planting starts from trees, followed by shrubs, perennials and lastly the ground cover. This rule is vital due to its practicality. Planting of large trees requires greater paraphernalia and could possibly damage freshly planted smaller plants.


6. Plant a single variety in large numbers


Viewing a sea of similar blooms is highly appealing to the eye and easier done than an arrangement of multiple varieties. So, it is best to plant masses of single blooms than thousand kinds.


7. Size is crucial


Experience has shown that when it comes to size it is always best to go big; whether it is a matter of making a staircase wider or a pool longer or a pergola taller. This rule has to be remembered while deciding the scale of the landscape.


8. Plant right


Lastly, it is necessary to plant your saplings in a correctly sized and modified pit which is at a correct height. If this rule is not adhered to then the results of all the other plan components will be poor.?

So, go ahead and get ready for a beautifully designed landscaped garden!

20 Nov 2019
a gardener sitting on the yard

Why You Should Hire a Landscaper

very home reflects the personality of the owner and hence, the home?s outdoor environment has to be paid equal attention alongside its interior design. An attractive landscaping design makes a great impact on visitors and enhances the property?s value many times over. However, landscaping is not a layman?s cup of tea; it requires different thinking skills which a professional from a landscaping company is trained in. Following consideration throw light on the need for you to hire a landscaper for your home project.?


Great Time Saver

It is not very easy to set aside sufficient time for your home landscaping project given the busy and hectic life schedules we are caught in. If you have a reasonably large yard then it needs to be given its due in terms of looks and maintenance. A professional landscaper will be able to do full justice to it and ensure that it stands out from among the whole lot in the neighborhood.

Avoids/Minimizes Occurrence of Mistakes

You may very well do a lot of reading and research before embarking on a do-it-yourself landscaping for your home. But things may not always go according to the book and if mistakes happen, the probability of which is quite high, then they will prove very costly to be corrected. In case of a professional landscaper the occurrence of such mistakes is almost zero and if any issue does arise then it can be rectified with minimum costs and efforts.

Professional Services

You are assured of quality when you entrust your landscaping project to a well-known landscaper in Melbourne. The professional has spent years mastering the art and therefore can have a better vision of your landscaping project and can clear all your requirements and doubts to the smallest detail. Proper project planning and effective execution is assured when you hire a landscaper as his or her reputation too is at stake.

Less Chance of Exceeding Set Budget

With a professional landscaper you can be ensured that your project will be well within the budget you had allocated. Discussions with the landscaper and a give and take of ideas alongside minimization of errors will ensure that the budget is not exceeded.


You cannot hope to achieve the efficiency of a professional from a landscaping company. The landscaper has all the required tools and equipment along with the knowledge and talent for the job. There can be no substitute to the peace of mind you will obtain when you know that your landscaping project is in good hands. The landscaper has knowledge about the climate, pH balance, composition of soil and can guide you best for getting an attractive landscaping done for your yard.


An attractive and well maintained garden is soothing and calming to your eyes besides becoming the talk of your neighborhood. So, when you think of doing the landscaping of your yard hire a landscaper to do the best for your home?s outdoor environment and attain your dream landscape without any hassle and mess.?

18 Nov 2019

Smart Ideas for Front Yard Landscape

Your front yard is responsible for creating the first impression on every guest and visitor to your house and hence, it is the wish of every home owner to make it as charming as possible. Irrespective of the size, every front yard can have great curb appeal if it follows a smart layout. Following are some smart ideas for your front yard landscaping that will help create a magical effect.

Lend the Spanish Influence

You can bring some of the Spanish influence by letting flowering vines bloom over the walls, adding dash of color to the steps through tile-work and earth-hued stucco. Maintain a graceful walkway and get a chic hacienda courtyard look to your front yard.

Riot of Colors for the Borders

Border the yard with the typical white picket and plant picturesque pink roses and the yellow green blooming lady?s mantle or any other attractive perennial of your choice. This is sure to make your front yard a visual delight.?

Uplift your Ordinary Driveway

If you fail to have any option then you can heighten the curb appeal of your ordinary driveway by creating a red brick surface interspersed with luscious green medians. This is simple and makes for an attractive contrast.

Terraced Blooms

If you have a steep front yard then you can opt for a terraced design which shall have separate flower beds for every step. You can create waves of varied hues by choosing your flower beds well.

Extended Porch

You can make your home entrance warm and inviting by having an extended porch. Neatly arranged potted plants alongside proportionately sized outdoor furniture can heighten the curb appeal.

Tap the Waterfall Appeal

Inclusion of a rocky waterfall into your front yard landscaping and surrounding it with vibrant annuals and perennials will lend a green mountainous cover to your yard. The murmurs of the waterfall add to the soothing effect of the ambience.

Desert Inspiration

You can opt for a desert landscaping if you want to minimize the front yard maintenance time. Plant some succulents and cactus into a gravel yard; the gray stones highlight the beauty of the thorny greens against the sand hued stones.

Dry Bed Design

Another low maintenance option is dry bed landscaping and this is suited in areas with very less rainfall. You can erect a small bridge to add a touch of quaintness.

Pergola Effect?

You can adorn your front yard with a pair of pergolas; the trailing plants with their colorful blooms will heighten the architectural aspect and make the entry to your home all the more welcoming.

Inclusion of a Lily Pond

Inclusion of a lily pond gives a pretty and interesting twist to the front yard. Adding a few fish and frogs into it will help to introduce your kids to nature?s eco-system.?

Country Cottage Look

You can give a country cottage look to your? front yard by installing a white picket fence, cobbled pathway, window boxes, eaved porch et all.


There are several more ideas that can be incorporated into the landscaping of your front yard. You can obtain the services of a professional landscaper in Melbourne, who is sure to turn your front yard into a soothing and refreshing paradise.


12 Nov 2019

Expert Tips: Do?s and Don?ts for Front Yard Landscaping

The outdoor environment of your home certainly makes a great impact on every visitor. The landscaping of your front yard therefore, assumes vital importance. What exactly needs to be included to create an attractive front yard landscaping Melbourne design? What errors need to be avoided? Given below are certain dos and don?ts that will help you to maximize the curb appeal of your front yard landscaping. You can also talk to any good front yard landscaper to guide you in this context.

  • Don?t start planting without a plan: Plan before you embark on planting your foliage. Take into consideration factors such as the soil composition, space available and decide on the plants accordingly. Don?t plant just because you find certain plants very attractive.
  • Do focus on the big picture: Envision the overall effect of the landscaping; will the planned combination of shrubbery, lawn and flowers gel with one another or will one stand out conspicuously and will it go with the overall architecture of the house??
  • Don?t forget the effect of climate: If you live in regions with extreme climates or in warm regions then pick up plant species that are best suited to the climate of your area. Ensure that your landscaping has an adequate assortment of plants to sustain bloom all the year round.

Very nice Front yard and garden design

  • Do give the plants adequate space: All trees need space as they grow over time.? Leave room for every plant as otherwise it will compete with the adjoining plants for space.
  • Don?t confuse your visitors with regard to your home entrance: Let the entrance to your home be distinct and welcoming so that visitors are not left puzzled as to which door to enter into.

Landscape professional working

  • Do give attention to the landscaping components:? Factors such as size, color, shape, texture and other aspects have to be proportionate with one another. Don?t think in single numbers; a single plant will not make any impact. Plant in multiples for a greater visual impact.
  • Don?t compromise on the space between the walkway and the adjoining plants or shrubbery: There should be adequate space between the plants and the walkway so as to enable guests and inhabitants of the house to walk comfortably on the pathway without touching the shrubbery. A gap of about two feet is good enough space.?
  • Do ensure that the steps are as wide as the pathway: Let the steps be proportionate or in line with the pathway they join.
  • Don?t go for something you can?t manage: Time is scarce; hence, assess how much time you can spare on maintenance. Otherwise it is best to go for a landscape that is low on maintenance.
  • Do make the pathways sufficiently wide: The pathways need to be at least a meter wide.?
  • Don?t hold things back when you discuss your project with your front yard landscaper: Spell out the factors that will give maximum enjoyment to you and your family from your front yard landscaping to the landscaper so that he can deliver as per your requirements. This will enable you to relax in the front yard of your dreams for long times to come.

Follow these tips and you?ll surely have a? beautifully landscaped garden.

11 Nov 2019
pool builders landscaping

Best Pool Landscaping Tips & ideas

Your swimming pool and the adjoining area acts as a stress buster and offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. And therefore pool landscaping assumes an important role. Following pool landscaping ideas will guide you in this context.

pool builders landscaping

Points to be considered?

Choosing the right sized and variety of plants and giving a deep thought other components like fencing, pool decks or patio can go a lot towards the satisfactory completion of your pool landscaping project. You have to research well for plants that will grow well and add to the beauty of the pool without dropping large amount of debris in and around the pool. Certain factors that have to be considered include easy maintenance, privacy, safety, blending into existing design of the house, proportion, colour scheme, fragrance, invasive roots etc.

Choosing the Plant that Fulfils All Criteria

There are varied set of plants which you may think are a right fit for your pool landscaping but in reality they may not be. Select plants that will afford privacy around the pool area like plants that are just sufficiently tall to act as privacy screens. A wide leaf evergreen bush like a Hetz Japanese Holly will be a wise choice as this does not cause a mess of the leafy debris nor is it thorny and offers ease of maintenance.??

It is best to avoid fruit trees as they can create a pile of the leafy rubble and besides may pull bees towards it. This can become a cause for occurrence of painful stinging events what with skimpily clad individuals moving around the pool. Plants that can be termed as bee magnets include Oregano, Wisteria, Salvia, Cosmos etc. Likewise choose plants with colourful flowers only after adequate research.

Another set of plants to avoid include the ones with invasive roots, for example, oak, ficus or elm trees. Such kind of plants can weaken the foundation of your pool and damage the entire setup.

Staying away from the thorny beauties is another important factor to keep in mind. Blooming, multi-hued roses can act as beautiful adornments to your pool but remember that roses have thorns and so do other plants like the colourful bougainvillea, pyracantha, barberry etc. You would not want your guests and family members to unwittingly brush against these thorns.

If you are living in dry regions then planting cactus in containers around your pool can look naturally striking. Ensure that they are planted a little away from the pool. If your climate permits then you can turn the area around your swimming pool into a tropical paradise. You can choose anything from palms, hibiscus, papyrus and the like.

Natural fragrance has no competition from any perfume brand clamped into a bottle. Pick up cactuses, flowering vines or shrubs that spread subtle fragrances around the pool area after adequately researching on them.


The landscaping around your pool should add to the beauty of the area and not become a cause for headache. Keeping it simple is the key towards obtaining maximum enjoyment from your pool. Choose a pool builder who ensures that you unwind in your swimming pool whilst enjoying the surrounding scenery.