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Landscaping Melbourne

At Landscaping Melbourne, we take pride in building beautiful landscapes, gardens & lawns with 100% client satisfaction. We regard ourselves as professional landscape gardeners in Melbourne. Landscaping Melbourne was established in 1991, hence we have been providing excellent Landscaping services in Melbourne for more than 26 years now! We have a team of more than 20 landscapers and engineers and we specialize in all aspects of landscaping forinstance:: commercial landscaping, residential landscaping, Pool landscaping, front yard and backyard landscaping, lawn maintenance, decking, irrigation services and much more!

At Landscaping Melbourne, we believe that honest & highest quality of workmanship is a path to deliver excellent customer experience. All our projects, regardless of size/price are finished to meet and exceed the landscaping industry standards.


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Landscaping Melbourne is a Melbourne based company that provides landscaping services. If you're looking for landscaping in Melbourne, we are the perfect choice. Established in 1991, Landscaping Melbourne has been in the business of designing and creating gardens and landscapes for you. The experience we've gathered over the years is what makes us stand out. Our 27 years of experience, along with our exceptional employees make it possible for us to deliver on our word.

Landscaping Melbourne provides all kinds of landscaping services. Over the years we've produced a few brilliant landscaping ideas - our USP is that we cover every corner of your open area in beautiful landscape designs. Our designers work round the clock to ensure that you're satisfied with the designs we present you. For landscaping Melbourne, look no further - Landscaping Melbourne has got everything you're probably looking for.

Landscaping Design Melbourne:

Landscaping Melbourne has a staff of 20 members, comprising of designers, engineers, landscapers, etc. We design all kinds of landscapes - be it commercial landscapes, front & backyard landscaping, residential landscaping, lawn upkeep, etc., we've got it all covered. Apart from the traditional landscaping, we also provide Landscaping design services in Melbourne for unconventional areas such as Patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplaces, entryway and courtyard landscaping, etc.

Apart from landscaping services, we also provide landscape upkeep services. It is never enough to just have a lawn or landscape designed - it has to be maintained for it to look beautiful. We understand how important your lawns are to you, and how you aren't able to dedicate enough time to maintain your lawn. For this purpose, we also provide upkeep services. “Upkeep” refers to regular maintenance of your lawn and any other landscapes that you value. Our landscapers come to your place and maintain your landscape for you. This includes things like weeding, irrigation, soil nutrition, and general upkeep of your plants. Our experts will also check all decorative & functional lights in your landscape to see whether they're working as they're supposed to.


Professional Landscaping Services:

For all needs related to landscaping Melbourne, we've got solutions. Landscaping Melbourne is a company dedicated to providing professional landscaping services. We've been in the landscaping business for over 27 years now and have designed quite a few landscapes. We've always delivered more than we've promised - and have surprised many a client with aesthetic additions to their landscape.

Landscaping Melbourne also employs 20 professionals with specialisations ranging from design, engineering, landscape execution, general upkeep, etc. Our professionals come to your place, take a look at where you see your future lawn, and then take to paper to create a few robust designs. It goes unsaid that we start working on your landscapes only after getting an approval for our design.

Book Online:

Not only have we got super friendly customer support executives on the telephone, we also give you the option to book an appointment on our website. Potential customers can request for a quote online, as well as book a design appointment. Your convenience is the first thing we think of - nothing gets better than being able to book a landscaping appointment online. Of course one can also book a lawn-upkeep appointment on our website.

Other than this, we respond swiftly to any emails you send us. We also have a 24/7 accessible telephone number if you feel the need to talk to one of our representatives.

Justified Pricing & Discounts:

Customers can request for a landscaping quote on our website - all you have to do is feed the relevant information. While we wouldn't call our services cheap, they are most certainly affordable. For the quality of work you'd be getting done, our prices are very much justified. Landscaping doesn't just include setting up plants here and there - there are a lot of things to be considered such as a broad design, general weather, immediate surroundings, etc.

Regular discounts are provided to customers who book a package-oriented appointments. We provide up to 20% discount on our regular fee. Request for a quote or get in touch with us today!

Exceptional Services We Offer

At Landscaping Melbourne, we believe that honest & highest quality of workmanship is a path to deliver excellent customer experience. All our projects, regardless of size/price are finished to meet and exceed the landscaping industry standards. We take pride in building beautiful landscapes & gardens, our customers regard us as professional landscape gardeners in Melbourne.


Why Choose Us?

Specialized Company
We are a landscaping company specialize in residential and commercial landscaping
Day Scheduling
We schedule regular appointments to visit your property on the same day and time of the week
Licensed & Insured
All our landscapers are fully licensed, bonded and insured for their safety
Free Consultations
We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote
Dependable Services
We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget
Reputable Company
Operating for more than 30 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work
Are you tired of spending hours mowing your lawn every weekend? Take back your free time by having us take care of your garden

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