First impressions make for lasting impressions and hence, a beautifully landscaped home can add tons of value to your property. A buyer who visits your home for the first time will not fail to be impressed by its curb appeal and the efforts taken by you to care for your home.

Planning a landscape

Several reports and analysis have proved that a home with a well-planned landscape scores a major price advantage over a home without one.? The home?s exteriors not only need to be clean and maintained but at the same time be warm and inviting to the visitors.

However, landscaping is not restricted to planting some shrubs randomly on your grounds; landscaping is a science and an art and it is only a manicured design that holds the attention of the buyer. There are several factors that go into planning a beautiful landscape and it is the overall impact of all these factors taken together that hikes the property value.

Landscape that adds value

The front yard generates curb appeal and the backyard offers functional value in a landscaped home. The front yard helps the landscape gardener to showcase his creativity and hence, more emphasis is placed on the aesthetics during its landscaping. So what are the factors to be considered to make the front yard a big draw to the visitor?

Front Yard Landscaping Tips:

The first aspect that comes into this process is to have a specific vision for your front yard; what needs to be included and in how much amounts. The yard that you plan needs to have some method amidst all the planting. You can start off by paying attention to the following details:

Give an edge to your lawn: This helps to give a neat and easy-to-maintain look to the yard. You can either create a physical edge through a steel, timber or brick fence or separate the lawn and the path neatly with the aid of a sharp spade.

Create partial sound and visual barriers: You can use plants to create partial visual and sound barriers against nosy neighbors or busy roads. The sense of privacy lent by this use of plants heightens the buyer?s impression of your house considerably.

Use plant species wisely: Go for plant diversity without going overboard. You want your yard to have a uniform look that will also be easy to maintain.?

Shimmer with lush lawn: Shimmer the yard with a lush green lawn. You can try cost effective options for laying new lawns if you have large areas to cover.

Add splashes of color: You can plant vibrant flowering annuals to uplift the look of your garden area and also add beautiful planters to the entrance of your home.

Prune with restraint: Pruning helps to give the home a neat and cared for look; however, do not go overboard here too.?

?Backyard Landscaping Tips:

Though the landscaping of the backyard is distinct from the front yard it has to be given equal amount of attention. Following are some factors that assume importance here:

Trees to be planted: The trees for your backyard will depend upon the climate zone your area falls into. Your landscape gardener will know which trees work out best for your climate zone.?

Pool or entertaining space: You have to decide between the two options depending upon the climate of your area and the amount of entertaining you shall be doing. Plan accordingly.

On a Concluding Note

All said and done, the time and money invested in your landscaping will not go in vain. It will definitely help buyers realize that indeed your home is a worth buying package.?