Your landscape design can become attractive, cohesive and flourish only if a lot of thought and planning goes into it. Certain plants look colourful and appealing at the nursery but they may not always suit your landscape. Consideration of the following factors will help you develop an envious landscape design.

1.Be Well-Informed about Yard Details

Details of several aspects of your yard such as its microclimate, topography and type of soil should be known to you. For example, the duration of direct sunlight or shade received by varied areas of the yard; how much of it is deep shade, part shade, part sun or full sun? What is the constitution of the soil, does any part of the yard get flooded or does some part get no rain water because of being under widespread trees and so on has to be known as they largely determine the success of your landscaping Melbourne design.

2. Be Aware of the Use

Be very clear on how you will be using your yard. Whether it will be for entertaining guests or whether it will be frequented by kids or pets. You can accordingly landscape separate areas for each category and design walkways that will cohesively connect all of them. 

3. Decide Your Maintenance Budget

Decide on who would be doing the maintenance work of your yard. Whether you can allot sufficient time to doing it, whether you know how to go about it and if not would you get it done from a professional gardener and how much budget you can set aside are some of the questions to be answered beforehand.

4. Let there be Cohesiveness   

Your landscaping Melbourne design should contain an overall cohesiveness though you may create unique and different spaces within it. For example, you may have an outdoor area for entertaining and also have separate space for relaxing and yet another area that will be visually soothing but all these should be connected in an intelligent fashion.

5. Blend with the Home?s Architectural Style

Your yard?s landscape design should go well with the design style of your home. Decide upon a particular theme that blends perfectly and choose your plants accordingly.

6. Wise selection of Plants

Decide what you want from your plants, whether you want a fruit and vegetable garden or aromatic plants to create a soothing ambience or just a riot of colours. Plants can also be used to create excellent barriers; choose them accordingly.

7. Give a thought to Small Details

Give a thought to how the varied textures, colours, forms and sizes of plants will match and balance one other. Do consider the aromas of plants, their blossoming season and how they can enhance the overall effect of the landscape design.

8. Think Long-term

Make your plant selection after considering their growth rate and its final size. Ensure that there is sufficient room for them to grow to their eventual size keeping your landscape?s distinct conditions in mind.

9. Highlight Vital Points

If you want your landscape to be a crowd puller then think about unique plants, plant containers and other garden ornamental’s.

10. Resource Management

Choose resource-efficient or native plants as lesser quantities of water, pesticides and fertilizers are required for them. Removal of plants has to be done after their chances of relocating are totally eliminated. Use eco-friendly hardscapes for your landscaping Melbourne design.