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Landscaping Melbourne have a team of expert landscape architects in Melbourne. Our architects can design beautiful landscapes for you may it be any requirements- front yard or backyard landscaping, commercial or domestic landscaping We have experience of more than 26 years and have handled large and small projects in and around Melbourne.

Landscape Architecture can broadly be defined as the process of decorating outdoor areas such as landmarks, public areas, parks. It mainly involves studying the natural surroundings and planning the design in a way that would eventually yield the desired result.

Landscape Architecture merges beautiful manmade structures with their natural surroundings including the pre-existing natural landscapes such as hills, ponds and other such structures to make the best possible union.

Landscape Architecture not only includes the beautification of the area surrounding the man-made structures but also creates a positive ambiance for development, initiate lifestyle and create a positive public realm focusing around the existing ecosystem in that area. Landscape Architecture is a multidisciplinary field incorporating various subject matters such as Botany, the fine arts, Architecture, Industrial design, and ecology.

Landscape Architects have different specializations, depending on the type of work they are assigned and required to do. Some of the Landscape Architecture specializations are:

Urban Design:

Urban Design can be defined as the planning of cities and towns and involve placing of roads, buildings and how the buildings should be placed in order to stimulate positive urban growth in the area keeping in mind factors such as the existing natural surrounding, geographic features, and their limitations.

Site Planning:

Site planning is one of the most important parts of Landscape Architecture. Site planning involves planning the site in a way so as to efficiently use it for the purpose it is intended to be used for.

Land Development:

Land Development is similar to site planning but on a much larger scale, in the sense that it involves the planning and proper use of large land areas based on its need and geographical location.

Heritage Conservation:

Heritage Conservation in Landscape Architecture is the preservation, restoration, and protection of heritage building and lands.

Parks and Recreation:

Under this specialty, a Landscape Architect plans for the development of public spaces such as Parks, open areas and Recreational places for public usage.

Landscape Architecture is a very exciting profession. Landscape Architects focus on minute details surrounding a building or landscape and try to design the world around it that is both pleasing to watch and environment-friendly. If you want your surrounding to look beautiful and fresh, Landscaping Melbourne is your one-stop solution.Landscaping Melbourne flaunt a team of some of Australia?s best and creative minds working as a team to fulfill your landscaping dreams! If you are looking for Landscape architects in Melbourne, contactLandscaping Melbourne today! ??






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Our team of professional horticulturalist has a lifelong passion for plants and garden design. We have been in the business for 26 years and have wealth of experience!
Landscaping Melbourne have years of experience in handling landscaping related projects may it be large or small, commercial or residential.
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