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Landscaping Melbourne have a team of decking experts. Our deck builders have experience of more than 26 years and have handled large and small projects in and around Melbourne.


A deck is a flat structure that is capable of supporting the weight, similar to that of the floor but mostly constructed outside elevated and connected to a building structure.

Wood or Timber are mostly used for yard decking or garden landscaping. You can choose any material you want to use for building the deck. However, the material you use for your deck will predict the longevity of your deck. A deck will provide a great surface for gardening or to even cover the space around a swimming pool.

A wooden deck will almost instantaneously and perfectly blend with the natural landscape of your house such as the trees you plant or your wooden fence.

Won?t decks be slippery and rot-prone?

Yes, decks can be slippery and rot-prone, but it depends on the type of timber you are using to construct the deck. Choosing the right timber will ensure you are able to enjoy your deck for many many years to come. Softwoods namely pine and spruce is generally a cheaper option used to build decks but needs other wood preservatives to keep it from rotting and breaking. An ideal softwood to build decks can be attributed to Cedar, it?s natural weather-resistant properties makes it a great wood to use in decks. Hardwoods such as oak and teak are also popular options to be used for building decks as they provide a contemporary and stylish look to the overall deck along with offering durability and stability to the overall structure.

Other woods such as cherry, maple, elm, and birch are also good choices when it comes to decking in Melbourne providing a guaranteed longevity of up to 25 years when well maintained.?About timber decking becoming wet and slippery, it?s true that it can become like an ice rink but there are solutions to prevent and take care of this problem:?Pressure washing the deck a couple of times a year will ensure that the deck is free from algae infestation. However, there are milder variations available to pressure washing as well.?Other often suggest securing the area with chicken wires, but it may not be as attractive as you?d expect it to be.

There are a lot of anti-slip products available in the market which will provide effective utility while keeping your deck looking beautiful. If you are looking for professional decking in Melbourne, Landscaping Melbourne have over 26 years of experience in decking in Melbourne ensuring your decking is properly carried out without any mistakes.

Landscaping around decks:

Decks look prettier if you cover the empty spaces around it with appropriate flora in it. Here are some decking ideas you will love to try:

Put up a lot of plants:
One thing that professional deckers swear by is to put a lot of flora around an area. Plants of a different variety will not only provide freshness to the area you are covering but will also provide a dash of color to your wooden deck. This landscaping idea is great if you have a comparatively small area to cover.

Make a Plan:
All decking ideas start with a specific plan in place. Plan the space around your house according to your need. It?s always a good idea to let the expert understand your expectations from the place if you?d like to use it for gardening or need space for your kids to play around.

Plant Patterns:
Certain plants grow in a certain shape or pattern based on the way they are allowed to grow. Allow them to grow according to your design by changing the way they grow by strategically placing blocks that will change their path of growth.

Decking requires patience, time and expert help to yield the result you have been expecting. Putting your trust in the professionals, you hire and conveying your decking plans to them will allow them to bring your ideas to reality.

Landscaping Melbourne have over 26 years of landscaping experience in turning normal decking in Melbourne into a posh decks all over Australia. Call them today, to turn your decking dreams into reality!


Key Benefits of Decking in Melbourne

? Enables comfortable surface for walking
? Gives excellent aesthetics appeal
? Stress Reliever
? Fill empty spaces with natural rocks
? Beautiful?Lighting

Our team of professional horticulturalist has a lifelong passion for plants and garden design. We have been in the business for 26 years and have wealth of experience!
Landscaping Melbourne have years of experience in handling landscaping related projects may it be large or small, commercial or residential.
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