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We Are The Landscaper

The Landscaper is a full-service landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We believe in having one landscape designer handle the job from its conception on paper, to the realization on your property. The reason; by doing this you are able to communicate and work with a single individual, where you can share your thoughts and idea’s with to bring them, in collaboration, to life.

The Landscaper is made up of a group of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pays a lot of attention to small details. In the 30+ years of experience our staff keep your property looking and functioning beautifully. Plus our landscapers are fully licensed.

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Started the Company

Almost four decades ago we started as a company with two man. Not much later a landscape designer joined the team and from that point we began to grow fast.


Second Location

The last years we grew very quickly, so 1997 was the year we opened a second location. The new location started with five new landscapers.


Total of 12 Awards

Until the year 2015, we are nominated several times, and won 12 awards in total for landscape design. We are very proud of this?achievement.

The Landscapers

John Williams


John, our owner has extensive experience in the landscaping arena. Having worked for over a decade as a landscaper, he has an immaculate understanding of treatment of lawns and gardens. John also has deep understanding of the suitability of various plants in various climates and soil structures, and can hence help you select the perfect plants for your fronytard.

Larry Vieira


Larry is one of our senior landscapers with a degree in art design. He is the one who sits down with a pencil and paper to draw out the design of your front yard or backyard. Larry is a very experienced landscaper, and has designed more than 300 gardens and lawns. He understands your requirements and then matches it to the plants he thinks would be best suited to it. The way he designs is pure magic.

Dwight Rogers


Having undergone formal training to be a plant-caretaker, Dwight is the guy you need in order to keep your lawns and gardens healthy. Dwight is well accustomed to working in warm and humid weathers and knows exactly what plants need to thrive in such conditions.

Ralph Hayes


Probably one of the senior-most landscapers in the country, Ralph Hayes is a respected figure in the world of landscaping. His extensive knowledge in the field of landscaping, coupled with decades of diversified experience make Ralph an irresistible choice for your landscaping needs.

Frank Anderson


Awe-inspiring landscapes aren’t made with just design – they require execution. Frank is our go-to person when it comes to formulating an execution plan for our designs. Frank has had a lot of experience in the field and adds immense value to our team of landscaping experts.

We are hiring Landscapers

Are you a top producer who is looking to show your landscaping skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you able to manage job sites and read landscape drawings?


At The Landscaper we offer:
?Full Time, Year Round employment
?Shared benefit package
?Excellent work environment


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Landscaping Awards

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality and landscaping service.

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