Your front yard is responsible for creating the first impression on every guest and visitor to your house and hence, it is the wish of every home owner to make it as charming as possible. Irrespective of the size, every front yard can have great curb appeal if it follows a smart layout. Following are some smart ideas for your front yard landscaping that will help create a magical effect.

Lend the Spanish Influence

You can bring some of the Spanish influence by letting flowering vines bloom over the walls, adding dash of color to the steps through tile-work and earth-hued stucco. Maintain a graceful walkway and get a chic hacienda courtyard look to your front yard.

Riot of Colors for the Borders

Border the yard with the typical white picket and plant picturesque pink roses and the yellow green blooming lady?s mantle or any other attractive perennial of your choice. This is sure to make your front yard a visual delight.?

Uplift your Ordinary Driveway

If you fail to have any option then you can heighten the curb appeal of your ordinary driveway by creating a red brick surface interspersed with luscious green medians. This is simple and makes for an attractive contrast.

Terraced Blooms

If you have a steep front yard then you can opt for a terraced design which shall have separate flower beds for every step. You can create waves of varied hues by choosing your flower beds well.

Extended Porch

You can make your home entrance warm and inviting by having an extended porch. Neatly arranged potted plants alongside proportionately sized outdoor furniture can heighten the curb appeal.

Tap the Waterfall Appeal

Inclusion of a rocky waterfall into your front yard landscaping and surrounding it with vibrant annuals and perennials will lend a green mountainous cover to your yard. The murmurs of the waterfall add to the soothing effect of the ambience.

Desert Inspiration

You can opt for a desert landscaping if you want to minimize the front yard maintenance time. Plant some succulents and cactus into a gravel yard; the gray stones highlight the beauty of the thorny greens against the sand hued stones.

Dry Bed Design

Another low maintenance option is dry bed landscaping and this is suited in areas with very less rainfall. You can erect a small bridge to add a touch of quaintness.

Pergola Effect?

You can adorn your front yard with a pair of pergolas; the trailing plants with their colorful blooms will heighten the architectural aspect and make the entry to your home all the more welcoming.

Inclusion of a Lily Pond

Inclusion of a lily pond gives a pretty and interesting twist to the front yard. Adding a few fish and frogs into it will help to introduce your kids to nature?s eco-system.?

Country Cottage Look

You can give a country cottage look to your? front yard by installing a white picket fence, cobbled pathway, window boxes, eaved porch et all.


There are several more ideas that can be incorporated into the landscaping of your front yard. You can obtain the services of a professional landscaper in Melbourne, who is sure to turn your front yard into a soothing and refreshing paradise.