Your swimming pool and the adjoining area acts as a stress buster and offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. And therefore pool landscaping assumes an important role. Following pool landscaping ideas will guide you in this context.

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Points to be considered?

Choosing the right sized and variety of plants and giving a deep thought other components like fencing, pool decks or patio can go a lot towards the satisfactory completion of your pool landscaping project. You have to research well for plants that will grow well and add to the beauty of the pool without dropping large amount of debris in and around the pool. Certain factors that have to be considered include easy maintenance, privacy, safety, blending into existing design of the house, proportion, colour scheme, fragrance, invasive roots etc.

Choosing the Plant that Fulfils All Criteria

There are varied set of plants which you may think are a right fit for your pool landscaping but in reality they may not be. Select plants that will afford privacy around the pool area like plants that are just sufficiently tall to act as privacy screens. A wide leaf evergreen bush like a Hetz Japanese Holly will be a wise choice as this does not cause a mess of the leafy debris nor is it thorny and offers ease of maintenance.??

It is best to avoid fruit trees as they can create a pile of the leafy rubble and besides may pull bees towards it. This can become a cause for occurrence of painful stinging events what with skimpily clad individuals moving around the pool. Plants that can be termed as bee magnets include Oregano, Wisteria, Salvia, Cosmos etc. Likewise choose plants with colourful flowers only after adequate research.

Another set of plants to avoid include the ones with invasive roots, for example, oak, ficus or elm trees. Such kind of plants can weaken the foundation of your pool and damage the entire setup.

Staying away from the thorny beauties is another important factor to keep in mind. Blooming, multi-hued roses can act as beautiful adornments to your pool but remember that roses have thorns and so do other plants like the colourful bougainvillea, pyracantha, barberry etc. You would not want your guests and family members to unwittingly brush against these thorns.

If you are living in dry regions then planting cactus in containers around your pool can look naturally striking. Ensure that they are planted a little away from the pool. If your climate permits then you can turn the area around your swimming pool into a tropical paradise. You can choose anything from palms, hibiscus, papyrus and the like.

Natural fragrance has no competition from any perfume brand clamped into a bottle. Pick up cactuses, flowering vines or shrubs that spread subtle fragrances around the pool area after adequately researching on them.


The landscaping around your pool should add to the beauty of the area and not become a cause for headache. Keeping it simple is the key towards obtaining maximum enjoyment from your pool. Choose a pool builder who ensures that you unwind in your swimming pool whilst enjoying the surrounding scenery.