Your backyard can be an extremely versatile part of your entire house. With a little landscaping help, it will look its best ? most especially if you add fencing to the mix. Not only will it add style, but also a much-needed boost to your home?s security. While we can argue that open yards are far more attractive, there will be a lack of security, and anyone can infiltrate your own personal space without any hassle.

While some prefer to leave their backyard unfenced, others have started to embrace the installation of a fence for style and security. Having a fence improves your home?s defense against unwelcome guests like robbers and intruders. An unfenced backyard can leave your home defenseless and lack any sense of privacy. Here are six benefits of adding a fence to your backyard.

  1. Boost in Property Value

If you are planning to sell your home, installing a fence with backyard landscaping can increase its overall value. This means you will see a good return on investment when someone finally accepts your offer and purchase your property. Of course, this will highly depend on the type of fence you are going to install. The most common types of increasing sales are the wooden fence, picket fence, or chain link fence.

  1. Prevent Intruders

As mentioned before, fence installation can add some much-needed protection to your home. Some can argue if installing a fence is enough to keep intruders out. There are ant-climbing methods that you can utilize to ensure your backyard?s privacy and your home?s overall safety.

Also, fencing can help keep different kinds of pests out of your backyard. Fences like wooden panels are a great way to keep large rodents out of your backyard garden.

  1. Keep Pets & Children Nearby

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, it is essential to keep your pets and children from straying too far away. Having a fence will ensure that they are safe. While it is crucial for you to always keep an eye on your pets and children when they are outside, you can rest assured that having a fence will guarantee that they will not lose sight of where they are.

For your pets, it is important to know what type of fence is most beneficial. Keep in mind that small-sized pets can easily get through under the fence. To make sure that they won?t be able to escape, your fence should be in good condition and is tightly installed.

  1. Ensure Privacy

Your backyard is your sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy the wonders that the outdoors can bring. You wouldn?t want other people coming in and disrupting your vibe, so keep it that way with the help of a privacy fence. A lot of homeowners are leaning towards privacy fences to maintain a sense of peace and security in their backyard. As of the moment, the average cost to install a privacy fence ranges between AU$ 4 and AU$ 17 per linear foot. Keep in mind that this excludes the charge for materials, which varies significantly on what type of fence you will choose.

  1. Decrease Any Outdoor Sound

Are you living near a busy street or right beside noisy neighbors? If so, you need a solid and thick fence. A fence can be a significant noise barrier that can create a more peaceful yard. Different sound-absorbing fences can block out sounds and area noise from the outside and create a more peaceful backyard.

  1. Gives An Addition Style

There isn?t a debate about just how fencing can boost the overall looks any yard. Choosing the right fence can turn any ugly-looking landscaping into something attractive and lovely. If you?re looking for a more vintage look, installing a rustic wooden fence would do the trick. The options are endless; all you need to do is to use your imagination.


While some prefer open yard to display the beauty of their landscaping to other people fully, most have already seen the benefits of adding a fence. It provides additional security for your family, prevents outside noise, and most of all add a stylish design that can wow anyone. With different types and styles to choose from, having a fence can be the ideal addition to any front or backyard.